Lens Mount LDS PL mount
Sensor Size 28,17 x 18,13mm OG / 16:9 / 4:3
Native ISO 800
Resolution / max frame rates OG-3.4K/75, 16:9-1080p/120, 4:3-2.6K/96
Max resolution OG 3.4K, 16:9 3.2K, 4:3 2.8K
Codec / Compression ARRIRAW & ProRes
Media Type Codex XR / SXS / SXS Pro Plus / Cfast.
Audio Input 1x 5-pin XLR 2ch.
Audio Output Headphone & Embedded HD-SDI
Viewfinder / monitor F-LCOS EVF or Optical Viewfinder (Please specify when ordering)
Internal wff reciever Yes / ARRI LCS / ARRI Fisher
Internal ND Yes. ND1.4
Video output 1080p 3G HD-SDI
Dimensions 402 x 268 x 241mm
Weight 8.3 Kg
Power input Vlock / 2-Pin Fischer Connector
Power consumption 10.5 to 34 V DC, 95W

The ARRI ALEXA PLUS features an upgraded side electronics module, with enhanced features compared to the base ALEXA model.


Extra Features

Built in WRS System

  • Three channel wireless control system
  • Compatible with the WCU-3 Handunit


Built in LDS / LDA Functionality

  • LDS datapins integrated into the PL-Mount
  • Numerical readout of Stop, Distance, Zoom and Depth of field
  • LDA database for non LDS lenses
  • All data is recorded into the metadata of the Quicktime files


Built in Motion and Position sensors

  • Included in the metadata is the current orientation and position


Extra connectors

  • The camera features two monitor outputs, two recording outputs and a RS ascessories port at the rear.



At the pinnacle of the range is the ALEXA XR Studio, featuring a quiet, adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder that provides a real-time, high contrast image with true colors. Additionally, the ALEXA XR Studio is equipped with an internal motorized ND filter. The Studio is a direct response to cinematographers requests for a camera that perfectly combines cutting edge digital image-making with traditional elements of the film cameras they have known and trusted for generations.

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