Formatt HD Soft 2

Formatt Filters HD Soft Filter is designed to soften the harsh outlines that can result in HD work, but with minimal loss of detail and contrast. The filters allow light to pass through for the most part undisturbed, however a small part of the surface area of the filter has a series of tiny perfect hemispheres (significantly smaller than traditional soft effects filters) acting as small, but high-quality, planar convex lenses. These hemispheres defocus the light rays producing a slight softening of the image within a very small area of view. The hemispheres are distributed within the filter area in a stochastic pattern, eliminating Moiré fringing in the most challenging conditions such as sun lit water surfaces. The filter can be reversed giving a different range of focal points. HD/DV Soft filters soften facial images perfectly even in the harsh conditions encountered when shooting HD and are widely used for shooting close-ups of newsreaders, presenters and similar applications. HD Soft filters are also very useful in other areas. An example is with sunlit rippling water, where detail cannot sometimes be picked up particularly by DV camera chips and distortion occurs. The use of the HD Soft filter ensures that a more detailed yet softened image can be created. HD Soft filters are available in 3 densities, grades 1, 2 and 3. This is Grade 2.

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