Schneider ND+IR 0.9 Platinum

The Schneider ND+IR 0.9 Platinum is a combination of both an infrared control filter and a neutral density filter for darkening of the entire image in order to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. The IR control filtration is specifically designed for use with CCD or CMOS sensors in order to filter out infrared light pollution causing color shifts that are commonly associated with high definition recording. By using this control filter you can achieve a wider color gamut and stronger color fidelity, especially noticeable in the shadows and darker regions of the image. These filters are free of off-axis color shift regardless of the focal length of the lens and can be stacked together for higher degrees of neutral density without creating reflections common to dichroic filters. The 0.9 density provides a 3 stop reduction in light from entering the lens.

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