Tiffen GRAD CLR/Sunset 3 SE

The Tiffen GRAD CLR/Sunset 2 SE Filter enhances reality, adding a touch of subtlety or drama to the image. Sometimes it is desirable to add color to part of the image. For example, to add an orange/yellow tint to bump up the effect and punch of the sky. Tiffen Color Graduated filters are half-color, half-clear, with a graduated transition for blending into the scene. Tiffen Graduated Sunset filters are available for rental in grades from 2-3, with 3 having the greatest effect. The Graduated Sunset filter will provide a multi-layered sunset effect with a red sky blending down into orange and then yellow, with the bottom of the filter clear. The 3 version generates the maximum effect for this filter and should be used when an extreme appearance is desired to the image.

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