Tiffen ND+IR 1.2 HM

Tiffen has now addressed the problem of IR pollution with the introduction of its exclusive Hot Mirror and Hot Mirror IRND filters. Unlike photographic film, the imaging devices in hi-definition cameras are inherently sensitive to infra-red light. Because of this, IR pollution has become a significant issue, particularly for those hi-definition cameras that do not incorporate an internal IR blocker. To combat this issue, Tiffen has developed a special Hot Mirror filter that completely blocks IR thru the entire spectrum. These Hot Mirror filters are the perfect solution for IR pollution with no appreciable reduction in visible light transmission. The Hot Mirror (HM) filter can be used individually, stacked with our new IR ND Filters (IRND), or as a Hot Mirror IRND all in one combination filter (HMIRND). Tiffen IRND filters provide a true neutral density beyond the visible range into the near infra-red. IRND filters incorporate Tiffen’s unique ColorCore® technology that sandwiches the coating within the filter and allows for easy cleaning without fear of damaging the filter as with surface coated filters. These innovative new filters are made from the finest optically pure glass and are ground and polished to the highest possible standards of flatness and perfect parallelism. The ND 1.2 filter reduces the amount of light going through the lens by 4 stops.

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