Measurement Range 0,4-10m
Automatic focus Tracking ARRI Lens Data System
Voltage 10 to 30V DC
Power Consumption 0,024A (24V) / 0,040A (12V)
Display Unit 83 x 75 x 32mm
Sensor Unit 73 x 74 x 91mm
Display Unit 140g (5 oz)
Sensor Unit 120g (4,3 oz)

ARRI Ultra Distance Measure (UDM)

The Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 measures the distance between film/sensor plane and objects by sending ultrasonic pulses and measuring the time they take to bounce back. It is compatible with any camera system. The UDM-1 comes with a sensor module and a display unit that indicates the measured values on a transflective screen. When used with ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras or the Universal Motor Controller, the measured distance will be instantly displayed on the WCU-4 hand unit. The UDM-1 also enables ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras and the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 to do focus tracking – setting the focus motor to continuously follow measured distance of a subject in the frame.

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