Chrosziel 4x4 Mattebox

The AC-411-50 4x4 Clamp-on SunShade by Chrosziel is a mattebox/filter holder that is made for internal focus broadcast lenses. This unit will work with 4:3 aspect ratios and also comes with a 16:9 mask. Made for focal lengths that widen to 5.2mm, it will also work with wider lenses by way of a special stepdown ring, which allows focal lengths down to 4.5mm. This unit as a whole works as a mattebox, enabling the user to add more control to the image--perfect for videographers shooting film-style and event shooters wanting to upgrade their image quality. 16:9 Mask French Flag 104mm Clamp Adapter 4x4 Filterholders With the addition of adapters and lightweight support brackets this unit will adapt to a wide variety of video cameras and lenses.

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