Rated for 200+ Ft. Ideal for Epic and Scarlet submersion.


Division Camera carries underwater housings and splash bags for a variety of cameras inclusing Red Epic-X, Red Scarlet-X, Canon 7D, Canon 5D MK III and more. For deeper dives than a splashbag can handle we offerthe Aquavideo Underwater Housing for Red Digital Cinema camera systems. The AquaVideo housing is designed for the Red Epic-M, Epic-X, and Scarlet-X 5K digital cinema cameras. Features include more lens control choices, ergonomic enhancements for easier handling underwater, and much smaller body size at 9” dia by 17” long.

The housing utilizes a lightweight PVC Body, high resolution fully corrected, dome port underwater optics, complete control of camera functions, quick, easy installation.

The housing uses a number of safety features including: X-ring double main seals for high reliability and clear Acrylic backplates for full visibility of main seals and an internal LCD monitor. Rated for working depths up to 225 feet and have proven reliability in

documentary, promotional, commercial, scientific, and broadcast work.

As with any underwater housing, the renter assumes full responsibility for the proper testing and use of any submersible device and related equipment.